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Fitbit for kids: Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers for Kids In 2024

Children before teenage are most prone to diseases. Thus, their health is the most important thing which remains the subject of concern for their parents. Fitness is an incomplete word without the term exercise and no doubt exists in the facts that most of the children are active and many participates in different activities which in turn teaches them many things and also satisfies their excitement. I know, in my childhood I use to have a new hobby every day. That’s why I have got the best fitness trackers for kids which will help your kids a lot.

Best fitness trackers for kids- fitbit for kids

The fitness tracker, on the wrist of the kids, is like a motivation to play; they watch every time the figures changing as they move or play. They designed in such a way that they can have an attractive look.

Most of the parents as explained and defined before are concerned with their child’s health, but some have such views like, “this is the age, if not now then when?” but this thought puts the future of their children in the problem.

According to a survey, under the guidelines of the world’s health organization more than a third of children overweight or obese, their weight is less or is more than what an ideal BMI suggests. These devices are designed to help your kids get fitter and healthier while making counting steps feel like a fun game.

How Fitness Tracker is helpful to your children and Why?

A child must remain to indulge in any outdoor game activity. Nowadays the video games, phones, laptops are creating a different circle of getting social; it provides them with a sense of satisfaction to their curiosity but put their health at risk. It is proven and is claimed by many doctors that the rays which a laptop or a phone or even the sim-card, which is used in a phone to get networks, sinks in the environment are harmful to health. It can be, or I should say that it is challenging to motivate your child to move out and play when he can entertain himself or herself just be sitting but never an impossible thing to do.

Doctors and the studies show that a normal kid is needed to perform some activity for 60 minutes per day. The intensity of the workout depended on the aim or goal of parents, which they wish their child must complete for them. The major benefit of using a Fitbit for kids is motivation. By setting goals, getting feedback and being rewarded, kids are encouraged to do more.

There are many fitness trackers, which are developed by the sports company but the misconception here is that kids can use the same fitness tracker as the adults do. It is not genuine guys. Kids have different body mechanism from the adults. Therefore, the tracker which they would use is different from those which the adults use.

We have picked out the list of the best fitness trackers for kids for your little one. Choose your kid’s fitness trackers which are perfect for your champ.

Fitbit for Kids: 10 Best Fitness Trackers for Kids

1. Marvel Spiderman Watch

Marvel Spider-Man kid's smartwatch“Time for Some Action! Hands up!” Well, unlike others, this product is superhero theme based and we assure you, the kids will roam around embracing their fictional existences in the name of Marvel’s Spiderman!

Introducing Marvel Spiderman Watch comes in a single tone, that mighty theme inspired by The Spider Man’s savior and menacing adventures in the fictional universes, making up for your child’s enhanced willpower and belief system. The best part is that it’s officially sold under Marvel’s well known and worthy trust production, so you undergo a hassle-free experience like never before.

Marvel’s Touchscreen comes with a pre-installed selfie camera with high quality and extraordinary pictures. Your children get dozens of benefits and features with the product, such as the interactive and playful games, fitness tracking functionalities, flawless alarm settings and other clock settings, and whatnot, gladly at a relatively lower price along with the world-class trust of Marvel’s Official Branding.

Here are some of its key highlights-

  • Marvel’s Trust and Integrity.
  • Best-in-Class Design and Superhero Theme.
  • Dozens of Useful Features.
  • Smooth and Seamless Gaming.
  • Cool and Trendy Looks that Stand-Out!


2. Garmin vívofit jr #1 Best Seller

Casual in looks and comfortable to wear like the everyday fancy band, Garmin Vivofit Jr is one of the cheapest first-generation wearable fitness trackers for kids. Vivofit Jr stands different from other fitness trackers for kids, is its fun adding capability towards achieving fitness goals.

Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness Trackers
Garmin vívofit jr

Kids can complete daily or weekly goals to earn coins which can be later used to redeem various rewards. Parents can set up the criteria for these rewards. For example, A kid gets permission form parents to have an ice-cream upon successful completion of 6,000 steps in a day.

Vivofit Jr comes with a non-rechargeable battery having a span of more than one year. Like other fitness trackers, It can measure the number of steps, it keeps a record of kids’ sleep and set out daily fitness goals with a single click of a button.

To add further to the motivation towards sports, Garmin has made Vivoft Jr swim friendly so that kids can extend their experience of their fitness by wearing this casual looking and cartoonish fitness band.

Ever felt that your kids frequently get bored of wearing the same fitness bands? Well in case of Vivofit Jr, you can buy from a variety of its bands and easily interchange the newly purchased band with the existing one.


3. Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids 8+ #8 Best Seller Activity Tracker

After dominating the adult smartwatch market, Fitbit hit the kids’ market with its ultra-light and slim smartwatch, i.e., Ace. Popular among kids aged 10, Fitbit Ace comes with options of royal blue and purple color band along with black touch LED and silver stainless steel back case.

Fitbit for Kids
Fitbit Ace

To induce a touch of a high-tech gadget in kids’ personality, Ace offers ten ready-made watch faces with the help of that kids can count their steps and keep track of other activities.

Vibratory alerts and alarms are an added feature of Fitbit Ace which is hard to find in other kids’ fitness trackers. Encourage your kids to complete daily fitness goals and voila!! Ace will surprise them with a blast of on-screen fireworks!! The parental controlled software makes it even a better compatibility watch for parents as well, with which they can keep track of their kids and their activities.

If your kid owns a Fitbit Ace, then you won’t need to buy him or her a more significant fitness tracker such as Fitbit Alta after few years since the Ace’s elastomeric straps can easily replace with that of Alta’s, To incorporate your grown-up kid’s bigger wrist!

Fitbit Ace is a perfect match for kids seeking daily fitness goals without the burdened feeling of wearing a proper fitness tracker.


4. Prograce Kids Smartwatch

Best Kids smartwatch with cameraBehold your horses because this product is not a regular one. Prograce Kids Smartwatch, unlike the others, has been designed in such a charismatic yet minimalistic manner that it turns your eyes without being way too vibrant or looking cheap in any sense. The best part is it’s available in two colors, relieving the parents’ stress of choosing the colors for both the kids. We got a breeze blue shade and funky pink color. But that makes up for the layout and overall looks. 

What about the product’s specifications, features, and descriptions to help us give out the verdict? Well, Prograce got your backs on this one as well! Specifically designed for the fresh souls and children between the ages of 4-12, this Smartwatch is power-packed and feature full of a product inclusive of a 90-degree rotatable camera with high-quality video output and multiple pre-installed filters. With the flawless fitness tracking and monitoring technology built exclusively for the little one’s health and fitness, it makes up for the ‘value-for-money’ part as well. Below we’ve listed some of the most magnificent features of the Prograce Kids Smartwatch.

  • Very Beneficial and Easy to Use.
  • A Fantastic Room for Storage.
  • Waterproof and Splash Proof Camera.
  • Interactive and Fun-to-Play Gaming.
  • Audio & Music Playing Application.


5. LOL Surprise Smartwatch

smartwatch with cameraWhat is it that makes a smartwatch perfect for us to get for our kids? Versatile functionalities, easy to use controls, fun games, fascinating pre-installed features, and something to lift up their mood and keep them engaged all the time, right? Well, with this product, we’re inevitable to reach the heart of our kids and make them feel a lot better amongst their peers as well.

LOL Surprise Smartwatch comes with a flood load of features, and the best part is how easy it is to use. For the very record, it is one exclusively designed product for little ladies who want to live their lives to the fullest. From an actionable selfie cam and a high-quality primary camera to keeping track and record of their day to day activities, it made into being a product full of all the useful features for our little ones along with some funky and fabulous gaming technology, that regardless of all the features, comes at a relatively smaller price! Here are some of the Prime functionalities and features about LOL Surprise Smartwatch-

  • Extremely Easy To Use.
  • Designed to Turn Eyes.
  • Click terrific Snapshots and Videos.
  • Play and Groove to the Music.
  • Choose from a Series of Trending Games.


6. Garmin vívofit jr 2

Excellent technology, cool looks, creative designs, and right features, oh yes! I am talking about this cool gadget  Garmin vívofit jr 2.

Garmin vívofit jr 2, fitness trackers for kids
Garmin vívofit jr 2

The modern looks involve a colored screen which most of the kids prefer to see. This second generation version has replaced the black screen with a colored screen.

Further, it is not over with the upgraded design. It has now teamed up with Disney to deliver a range of branded designs. These cool features include the themes of star wars, Doraemon and justice league, etc. these are such characters which can motivate a child to exercise more and push his limits.

In the Garmin vívofit jr 2, you will get all new and great mobile adventures for kids. It keeps tracking the kids’ activity for 60 minutes a day and will not let them get de-motivated. Also, it monitors the sleep of the kid through the pulse.

As we all know how much a kid can be mischievous; the technology is created keeping in mind all the risks of due to which the device can get damaged. So, this is a waterproof device which can be connected with a smartphone anytime and with any android. The app which is used to connect the device with is such that more than one devices can be connected and all the activity of the kid can be traced.

Best of Best

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Suitable for children above four years of age, Kidizoom DX2 is genuinely an attention catchy touchscreen smartwatch manufactured by Vtech (a leading toy manufacturing company). Kidizoom DX2 is very different from annoying fitness trackers as offered by Fitbit and Garmin.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch-best fitness trackers for kids
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Available in an impressive variety of colors, Kidizoom has a pretty colorful user interface which has made it even a more popular smartwatch among kids. DX2 comes equipped with two cameras for taking photos and recording videos. Offered with 55 customizable watch faces, Kidizoom DX2 has a decent display and large buttons for user-friendly usage. It is made up of plastic like rubbery material which makes it capable of resisting shocks and bumps.

Vtech has completely changed the smartwatch market by offering built-in games as well as voice recording features in DX2. It makes use of its camera, voice recorder, and motion sensor to add real-time fun to kids’ entertainment life. Apart from these exciting features, the capability of measuring steps has introduced a slight touch of a fitness tracker in it as well.

Kidizoom DX2 is suitable for kids seeking the adventure of endless fun along with a light blend of fitness tracking activities.


7. Fitbit Zip Best Seller Activity tracker

It is usual for kids to get irritated from fitness tracking wristbands. This Fitbit has been successful in targeting the market of such kids with its all-new strap on Fitbit Zip wireless tracker.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Strapped to the T-Shirt or kept within jeans pocket, Zip Wireless activity tracker can track kids’ steps, measure the calories burnt, and can keep a record of water intake. Fitbit Zip provides its users with an advanced software-based feature enabling them to compete with their family and friends in meeting daily fitness goals.

When it comes to getting kids fitness conscious, then there is no better fitness tracker then Zip as it can check and track your kid’s weight and body fat with the help of Fitbit app.

Powered with watch battery of lifespan for more than six months, Fitbit Zip does not need regular maintenance or charging. Zip is the only cheapest strap-on lightweight and high-tech fitness tracker ever made by Fitbit for kids.

If your kid wants motivation and encouragement towards achieving daily fitness goals, then Zip is the perfect choice for your kid since it will award various badges to him/her based on his/her capabilities to meet daily fitness goals.


8. LeapFrog LeapBand

It was a tough task to find the best kids’ fitness tracker keeping in the mind requirement and the desire of the kids and parents simultaneously, and we hereby put this tracker on our list of the best fitness trackers for kids.

LeapFrog LeapBand - fitness trackers for kids
LeapFrog LeapBand

We all should know about the positive and the negative motivations. Positive motivation can be anything which praises us for our good deeds. If someone praises us for our action, we will repeat the same action to receive such praising. This device is based on the same fact. It motivates children with virtual points which they get after complete the task which is assigned to them by the device.

If you are a new buyer and has haven’t yet bought any device and are afraid of massive investments in this device to improve your kid’s performance then this cheap fitness tracker is the best match for you. It is available with lots of attractive feature and good looks. It has a colorful band which is design such that if used for the whole day by a kid then also will not harm him even if the age of the boy or girl is four. It is available in the market in different designs and, as liked by kids, is available with color screens too.

It uses the same technology for tracking the motions and the activities of kids as the tracker of adults uses. Thus, it is perfect for your kids. The technology which an athlete is using to improve his performance is available to your kid also. LeapBand is another device that doesn’t count steps, distance, sleep, etc. Instead, it offers a novel concept by providing a series of fun physical challenges – walking, running, jumping and dancing – that the child needs to complete to earn points to spend on their virtual pet.

Kids can follow their activity progress on the energy bar that moves around the LeapBand screen. Every jump, wiggle, run, and dance earns points to unlock fun new rewards. It is the same positive motivational concept which was defined earlier.

This device is for those kids who are getting as old as four years, and they can use them till they get seven years old. This device also turns active physical play and healthy eating habits into a game with a bunch of appealing virtual rewards.

9. Fitness Trackers for Kids by Trendy Pro Best Seller Fitness Tracker

Simple looking yet brilliant performing, Trendy Pro’s fitness tracker for kids gives a tough competition to Fitbit’s Ace based on its very low cost and additional fitness tracking features.

Fitness Tracker for Kids
Fitness Tracker for Kids by trendy pro

Unlike other best smartwatches for kids, this is the pure fitness tracker without any extra features. Trendy Pro’s fitness tracker for kids is capable of keeping track of your kid’s sleep, record distance travelled, and calories burned, take account of your daily exercise routine and fitness goals.

Thanks to additional features that kids no more have to worry about their smartphone notifications and alerts as this fitness tracker can provide social media notifications, call notifications, and other gadgetry notifications, etc.

Trendy Pro’s fitness tracker for kids comes with a new band which acts as a lifesaver for parents on multiple occasions. One of the fantastic features of Trendy Pros fitness tracker for kids is its ready availability of daily fitness activity stats without the hassle of logging in to an app.

The rubbery material of this fitness tracker is shock resistant. This feature along with its waterproofing capability renders Trendy Pro’s fitness tracker for kids, lightweight, decently designed and durable fitness tracker cum smartwatch.


10. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

Letscom’s Fitness Tracker HR is quite different from ordinary fitness trackers in a sense that it is very slim as compared to other fitness trackers and it provides the kids with a conventional punch button style.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

By incorporating an advanced algorithm in the software, this fitness trackers eliminates erroneous step counts and wrist moments. It is a thing of interest for kids with a severe interest in sports and athletics.

Fitness Tracker HR comes with the feature of tracking all day activities and a highly accurate sleep monitor providing the parents with a thorough analysis of their kids’ sleep. Apart from that, kids can also have their call and message notifications right on their wrists.

Letscom’s fitness tracker comes equipped with a heart rate monitoring sensor as well, which is a feature being missed out by the majority of kids’ fitness tracker manufacturers. This fitness tracker also has a built-in wrist sense technology allowing kids to monitor their physical activities without tapping the screen or pressing any button.

Upon charging for 1 to 2 hours, this fitness tracker’s battery can last up to 5 – 10 days depending on usage. It also sweats and waterproof, making it the best fitness tracker for kids who are fitness freaks or health conscious.


Bottom Line…

We can easily understand that how much efforts a company is making in making and to provide the best service they could provide for you and for a kid. Thus, it becomes necessary to mention here that kid health is gold. What he/ she earns now, the will remains the same and the kid will keep it the same throughout their life. Being a parent one should know that a kid, no matter how much he/she is lovable, will never remain as he/she is today; so, everything that makes his/her health better should be given to them. It is not about the fitness tracker for kids but it is about the guidance for your children.

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