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Best Smartwatch for iPhone – Our Most Recommended for iPhone User [Apple Watch Alternatives]

Many iPhone users desire a smartwatch, which may not specifically be the latest Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, which is not in everyone’s taste and hardly the most wallet-friendly. However, there are other Wear OS smartwatches compatible with iOS in the market with features of Cupertino’s device that have yet to include.

Which too many options of Wear OS smartwatches, iPhone users have plenty of choices based on their required and desired features and software.

If you find the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 5 too expensive or maybe a watch with just a little more sporty and perfect look, the below are the best apple watch alternatives of Wear OS smartwatches to pick from which seamlessly will sync with your iPhone with no fuss.

Best Smartwatch for iPhone Users – Top Picks

Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Gear Sport is an upgrade to the Gear S2 bringing it closer to the Apple Watch’s sports tracking. It offers strong notification support as the S3, Samsung Pay and Spotify offline playlist support.

Samsung Gear Sport best Smartwatch for iphone
Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

It has a rotating bezel is still there to navigate Samsung’s Tizen OS and still manages to eke out more battery life than the Watch Series 3. It, however, doesn’t have LTE support, but the users are recommended to go for Gear S3 which is a worthy alternative to the Apple Watch.

The watch is water resistant with a wireless charging dock and a travel adapter.

The watch is available for $299 which can be bought at Samsung store, or online at Amazon, and also using the below mentioned websites.

Specification of Samsung Gear Sports Smartwatch
DISPLAY 1.2” inch Super AMOLED, 360 x 360 pixels
SENSORS Accl, Gyro Sensor, Barometer, HRM, Ambient Light
WATERPROOF Water resistant up to5ATM / 50 meters
BATTERY LIFE 4 days, 14 hours on GPS
COLORS Available in Black and Blue


Fitbit Versa

If Samsung or OS wear does not do for you, then Fitbit’s latest smartwatch is always there to consider and its all about fitness. Its got a waterproof design along with swim tracking and a heart rate monitor to measure workout intensity.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch - best budget smartwatch for iphone
Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

However, it does not have a built-in GPS and if you require it, Fitbit Iconic comes with its tracking features including the best sleep monitoring feature of any wrist-worn wearable.

Concerning the smartwatch features, it supports notifications from messages and other third-party applications. Which includes replying also if connected to an Android phone and has an onboard music player with support for Deezer, storing 300+ songs or by downloading stations from Pandora. Also, the user can download the application from Fitbit’s app store which also supports contactless payment support via Fitbit Pay.

The user can access more than 15 exercise modes like running, cycling etc., with also personalized on-screen coaching on the screen, to coach the user through each move.

It works with Android, iOS and Windows smartphone with a battery life up to 5 days which the user doesn’t have to charge every night. This watch is a strong alternative with a strong array of sensors loaded in it and also a sleep apnea detection is promised possibly in the next version of the watch.

Specification of Fitbit Versa SmartWatch
DISPLAY 1.34″ inch LCD, 300 x 300 pixels resolution Multi-Touchscreen
SENSORS 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, Optical heart rate monitor, Altimeter, Ambient light sensor, SpO2 sensor
GPS GPS through smartphone
WATERPROOF water resistant up to 50 meters
COLORS Available in 5 different colors


Ticwatch E

Ticwatch E is a plucky smartwatch with a demise of Pebble. This is the best smartwatch under $200, with an Android Wear 2.0 and as a solid alternative to the Apple Watch. It comes with a 1.4-inch OLED display and a solid 400 x 400 resolution which matched with the Apple Watch’s screen.

Ticwatch E - The Best Smartwatches Compatible With iOS
Ticwatch E

The new sport and quirky design is a relief to all the boring and monotony designs of the same old brands but with certainty and stability of a Wear OS.

It works directly with the Google Assistant, and phones call only compatible with Android devices now, whereas the other features can be used for iOS too.

The battery status will be indicated rightly, and the watch can be used until the battery gets empty. It is suggested that the users charge the watch up to full for 1-3 cycles and if there is an abnormal battery capacity like a sudden drop or short battery life, then you charge the watch for more two hours before you start using it.

The Ticwatch Pro is out to be released soon and the users, if the patient to buy a better version, are advised to wait.

Specification of Ticwatch E SmartWatch
DISPLAY 1.4″ inch OLED, 400 x 400 pixels resolution Multi-Touchscreen
SENSORS Heart-Rate Monitor, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer
WATERPROOF Water resistant up to 3.3 feet
COLORS Available in 3 different colors


LG Sports Watch

The next stop on the tour in finding the best smartwatch for iPhone is the Wear OS all-rounder, the LG Watch Sport. LG almost has all its devices flag shipped, and the LG sports watch is a flagship device for the revamped Wear 2.0 with solid-fitness chops, and a built-in GPS with an untethered experience away from the user’s smartphone via LTE and also to make NFC payments.

LG sports watch

It also has a theatre mode with Quick Settings to turn the display on or off.

If you are interested and want to buy a do-it-all smartwatch, then you can go for much worse than the good-looking, clever flagship LG Watch Sports smartwatch.

Specification of LG Watch Sport SmartWatch
DISPLAY 1.38-inch P-OLED Circular 480×480 pixels resolution
SENSORS Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer, Compass, Gyro sensor
WATERPROOF Water resistant up to 3.3 feet
BATTERY LIFE Up to 1.5 Days
COLORS Available in 1 color


Michael Kors Access Sofie

Fossil’s Michael Kors collection is definitely stand out above the rest and Fossil is currently serving some of the best options right now.

Michael Kors Access - best smartwatch for women
Michael Kors Access

The Michael Kors collection is available in versions for men and women as Grayson and Sofie respectively, featuring 1.2-inch, 390 x 390-pixel AMOLED touchscreen display and it runs on the latest version of Google’s smartwatch operating system, meaning which the user may enjoy all the new features such as downloading applications with a Google Assistant and more customizable watch faces.

There are no sports tracking features, and unfortunately, NFC is lacking as well due to which the user cannot buy stuff with this smartwatch.

However, the watch gives you the basic Wear OS experience wrapped in a design that you would certainly want to have it around your wrist.

If not Michael Kors, then you are recommended to go check out the other Fossil favorites or Skagen Falster.

Specification of Michael Kors Access Sofie SmartWatch
DISPLAY 1.2-inch AMOLED Display 390×390 pixels resolution
SENSORS Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyro sensor
WATERPROOF Water resistant up to 1 Meter
BATTERY LIFE Up to 24 Hours
COLORS Available in 4 Different Color


Garmin Fenix 5

The Garmin Fenix 5 is a beast of a fitness tracker first, and a smartwatch second. This sports watch is made for people who are fitness addicts and constantly drive bike, Run or go on hikes.

Garmin Fenix 5 - best smartwatches for iPhone
Garmin Fenix 5

The overall diameter of the watch is 47mm with a 1.2-inch diameter screen. It’s a little thick, and about 4mm thicker than the apple watch series 2, but it’s manageable.

In this watch, there is a heart rate sensor that is very low profile to the case but does a great job of consistently and accurately detecting your heart rate. The base Garmin Fenix 5 also comes with silicone wristbands that are very comfortable and perfect for working out in.

If you could take this watch out with some wireless earphones, listen to some music while you run and leave your phone behind. If you do decide to pick it up, you won’t be disappointed because this is the best smartwatch for iPhone users.

Specification of  Garmin Fenix 5 SmartWatch
DISPLAY 1.2-inch Display 240×240 pixels resolution
SENSORS Accelerometer, Altimeter, Compass, Gyro sensor, Heart rate sensor
WATERPROOF Water resistant up to 10ATM
BATTERY LIFE Up to 14 Days
COLORS Available in 1 Color


Skagen Falster 2 Smartwatch

After the enormous success of Wear OS designed for smartwatches by Google LLC, the company launched another Smartwatch Falster 2 Black Silicone. This smartwatch can be used as Apple Watch Alternatives, which has useful features like Activity tracking, Waterproof screen, GPS, and the ability to pay your bills with Google pay, and many more.

Skagen Falster 2 Smartwatch best smartwatch for iphone under 100 dollarsThe smartwatch serves heart-rate monitoring, ultimate support by Google assistant, ability to stay connected with contacts throughout the day, and freedom to track your activities solely through your watch. Google has made the Wear OS compatible with both the Android device and iPhone, making it an excellent substitute for Apple watch.

Unlike other smartwatches, Falster 2 Black Silicone allows users to add third-party applications and have access to their favorite apps effortlessly. With its magnetic charger, it just takes a single charge for the watch to run for 24 hours smoothly.

Specification of  Skagen Falster 2 SmartWatch
DISPLAY 1.19-inch OLED Display 390×390 pixels resolution
SENSORS Accelerometer, Altimeter, Light sensor, Gyro sensor, Heart rate sensor
WATERPROOF Water resistant up to 3ATM
BATTERY LIFE Up to 24 Hours
COLORS Available in 5 different Color

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